Why Furrytails ?


We have over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of soft toys. We are not a sourcing company and we are experts in this sector. Furrytails Ltd understands the nature of the promotional and retail markets and their unique requirements and we are able to satisfy most packaging requests including food grade poly bags, printed boxes, header cards etc. You can rest assured that you project is safe in our hands.


All of our items are designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant toy safety standards and are tested at internationally recognised laboratories. We will not create or manufacture items that may compromise safety or quality and will only work to the schedules supplied by our factories. We go beyond many toy manufacturers standards and have added safety tests to those required by law.


Just because a toy passes testing does not mean that the quality will be assured. All of our products are manufactured in line with the internationally approved standards equivalent to BS6001. In addition to our own quality control at our factories we also employ a specialist testing company that will perform a detailed pre-shipment inspection to AQL standards above the industry requirements. You can be sure that the quality of each toy is the same as the sample you originally approved.

Social Responsibility  

We ensure all our factories meet our ethics policy and all our partner factories are BSCI accredited.

With the added assurance of on-line supervisors, you can be sure all work is completed in our factories and that there will be no welfare concerns and no adverse headlines that have plagued some companies.

Ease of Contact  

We are able to supply accurate progress information when you need it, from the moment we start the project until the point that the goods are delivered to you. We use a network of established reputable logistics experts to deliver your product safely and on time, so you don’t even have the worry of importing and delivery as we will handle all the import/customs documentation.



Furrytails Ltd are proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers for Away Resorts, Producing their wonderful characters, Lucy, Scratch & Bear as full body hand puppets : http://www.awayresorts.co.uk


Furrytails Ltd are extremely proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers of the GeNOME Toy for the Epilepsy Society : https://www.epilepsysociety.org.uk

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