Safety & Production

All plush toys are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable current safety standards. Furthermore, every effort is made to safeguard against any safety concern that is not covered by current regulations. All materials are guaranteed to be new and free of defect.

Furrytails Ltd toys are manufactured in China and Indonesia at BSCI Certified Factories. Both factories are monitored and audited via unannounced inspections for their compliance with appropriate and acceptable standards for factory cleanliness, employee safety, and underage labor. Inspections cover such factors as working hours, wages, benefits, facilities, and environmental health and safety for employees.

Furrytails Ltd guarantees that its factories are clean, safe and do not use underage labour.



Furrytails Ltd are proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers for Away Resorts, Producing their wonderful characters, Lucy, Scratch & Bear as full body hand puppets :


Furrytails Ltd are extremely proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers of the GeNOME Toy for the Epilepsy Society :

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