Prototype stage  

Our designers will create a bespoke sample for you which will be hand delivered or posted by recorded delivery. Please allow 14 days for sample construction, however if the sample is required urgently for a meeting or for some other reason, we will try hard to accommodate and can sometimes turn a sample around in couple of days depending on scheduling and complexity.

If amendments are required, these can be discussed and further samples will be produced.

Once the sample is approved by you, we will get a definitive quote from one of our factories, as by this stage we will be able to work out the fabric consumption, components required and labour involved. This definitive quote is usually within 5-10% of the initial quote.

Manufacturing stage  

Once the definitive quote has been approved and the order placed, production will then start at one of our partner factories in Indonesia or China where all our products are manufactured to internationally approved standards. Our factories are capable of fulfilling any orders above our minimum order quantity of 2,500pcs and have produced orders in excess of 3 million pieces all delivered on time.

We have a company ethics statement (which can be supplied on request) and ensure all our partner factories adhere to the practices contained within the document. As a company we are against all forms of exploitation of children and our factories are prohibited from using children in the production of goods and services for Furrytail Ltd. All employment is voluntary and in line with normal industry wages or above and we provide a safe and healthy working environment in which all our employees can work. Furthermore, we are committed to the protection of the environment and implement a practice of recycling materials and minimising energy consumption.



Furrytails Ltd are proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers for Away Resorts, Producing their wonderful characters, Lucy, Scratch & Bear as full body hand puppets :


Furrytails Ltd are extremely proud to be the Designers & Manufacturers of the GeNOME Toy for the Epilepsy Society :

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